This Much We Know

S3 - Episode 1 - Social Investment Business - Deborah Smart

June 7, 2022

This Much We Know is a podcast from Homeless Link looking at the role of social enterprise in the homeless sector, with guest experienced social entrepreneurs and funders sharing their experiences, successes and their failures. Season 3 of This Much We Know our guests are all individuals working for funders and investors in the social enterprise sector.

Funded by Access, hosted by Murphy Hopkins-Hubbard, Enterprise and Investment Manager at Homeless link and Simon Pickering, Associate at Homeless Link. 

In this episode, Simon and Murphy speak to Deborah Smart - Director of Grants at Social Investment Business. Deborah brings a wealth of insight, knowledge and experience of funding social enterprises in the UK.  

About Social Investment Business

Social Investment Business specialise in helping organisations become more resilient and sustainable so that they are in the best place to grow and increase their impact.As one of the UK’s first social investors we have provided over £400 million worth of loans and grants to hundreds of organisations all across the country. For more information visit: 

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